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Ahaggar …an endless astonishment

If you choose, at the beginning of yourvisit the area of Ahaggar as your favorite

destination you will be at the rendezvouswith a great adventure. You will findbeauty and mysteries of an untouched nature.For you daily travel, you will takepleasure in a suitable climate despite itshardness at certain times of the year. Youwill have the great privilege to be amongdistinguished guests of Touareg tribeswhere you will enjoy and appreciate thegenerosity of the Blue Man


National Ahaggar Park

Because of its invaluable heritage, its largediversity and its uncommon and incomparablecharacteristics, Ahaggar is regarded, inAlgeria and in the world, as one of the largestnatural and archaeological museums.Under the 1987 presidential decree,the National Ahaggar Park was put inplace by the Algerian National Office.Park administration aims to develop, evaluateand protect the natural heritage ofAhaggar. At the heart of Ahaggar realitycannot be separated from imagination:

– Mountains artistically shaped that gavebirth to a breathtaking mountain range.

– Unique earth formations, caves thatattract attention and arouse curiosity.

– Antiquities, very valuable objects,sculptures and rock engravings.

– An enchanting and natural heritage composedof hundreds of plant and animal categories.

– Fountains, sources and inexhaustible waterchannels.


Asskrem …grandeur and meditation

High peaks and dizzying altitudes fan?Stubborn idealist mountain-climber orunrepentant lover of original mountains?Climbing the incomparable and beautifulAsskhrem will surely quench your thirst. Locatedat an approximate distance of 80 kmfrom the headquarters of the province at analtitude of 2800m.above sea level, it will offeryou wonderful and gorgeous panoramiclandscapes of the vast plateau Atakor. Youwill take the opportunity to enjoy the view ofthe immense volcanic vent Ahren.



Springs,waterfalls and oueds

The Sahara is not a simple barrenarea. Water, the main source of life,plentiful stored inside its rocks, eventuallygushed out. She gave rise to several

water points:

  • The mineral source Tahabourt,15km from the province.
  • Waterfalls: Imaloulen, Issigressenand Tamekresset (50km from theprovince).
  • Oueds: Afilal and Angid nearAbalessa (80 km).


The most beautifulsun view in the world

According to the world tourism classification,Asskrem irradiates the best sunriseand sunset in the world. Do not missthese moments full of strong emotionsand great tranquility. The smooth mountainbreezes will penetrate in the depthsof the soul.


Hermitage ofCharles de Foucauld

Among the famous monuments of theAsskrem appears the monastery of the

monk Charles de Foucauld. This Frenchhermit built this retreat in1910 and wrotea dictionary on the oral culture of theTouaregs. Inside this monastery, wherehis memoirs and manuscripts. From thetop of these hills, you will enjoy the fascinatingand stunning sceneries surroundingthe monastery.


Stunning mountains

On the western flank of the Askremstands the mountain Ilmane. It consists

of a tapered waist with a sectionoriented to the sky. North of the site lies the mountain TahatAtakor with analtitude exceeding 3000 m. Besides themountains: Akar – Akar and Adrien. Infront of these amazing shapes of stonesand mountains you will be dazzled. Rememberto hold your breath during thisunforgettable experience.


Rock carvings

Geologists regard Ahaggar as a geologicalparadise. It groups sculpturesand cave engravings which are characterizedby a wonderful shape wherered-clay color and white dyes prevail.These vestiges redraw the era of Saharatransformation during Neolithic period,prehistoric period, and the period

of drought. Engravings expose severalactivities: cows in pasture, hunting ofground animals, animals that have sincedisappeared (wild cows, elephants, rhinocerosand giraffes), men in battle, rivers,meadows and religious ceremonies.You will be directed to decipher severalriddles registered on these murals despitethe fact that some of them still remainambiguous and mysterious



The best steps of your journey: Aguenar,Akar-Akar, Tafdisst, Taguemart, Adrar

Timesghine, AdrarTikemtine, GueltatIsekrassen, Tajkret, Herafok, Aidikel, Aujerdil,Hirafouk, Outoul, In Takouf, In Dalagh,GueltatAhouar, GueltatAfilal, Idikil,Idles, Tafdasset, Tazrouk, Oujerdil, Youfahakit, Youfaghalal, Tagueriraat TassiliAhaggar, Tina Akachaker, TinAguerhouk, Martoutek, Anhouten…. TifinagheLanguage at: GueltatIsakArassen,-Tajkart, Taghoughaout.


Tuareg villages

Looking for knowledge of the “Imouhag”traditions and legendary generosityof the Blue man? Then, sightseeingwithin the Tuareg villages is a must.

First of all, Tazrouk the highest villageof the region.Then, the villages of Ideles,Tirahnat, Abalessa and many otherlocalities. Inside their wide open tents,you will find the true meaning of hospitalityand generosity. You will learnabout the heart melting culture of theTuareg, their customs and practices, andmaking tea on the coals according to athousand-year – old process. You will

see, for yourselves, master craftsmenat work, shaping beautiful pieces of art.Finally, you will live the extraordinary atmosphere of the Tuareg folklore: imzed,tindi and takouba.


Tin Hinan’ sMausoleum

Located within the municipalityof Abalessa (80kmn o r t h o f t h e p r o v i n c e ) .According to tools found closeto the structure (jewels, utensils)related to the funeral sites,its history goes back to 4th and5th century (AD). The supposedremains of Tin Hinan are nowin Algiers (BardoMusuem).


Ksoursand Casbahs

Ksours and Casbahs symbolize themain mark of the urbanization of Ahagga r. T h i s e s s e n t i a l f e a t u r e i s r e p r e -sented by a Saharan type built throughthe use of traditional and local materials.The most famous sites: Ksar Ag (City ofTamanrasset). SourouTarzouk that overlooksouedTazrouk.SiletCasbah located inthe municipality of Abalessa (140km to thewest) and Tit Casbah (40 km).


Stone tools

Inside the Ahaggar Park, some archeologicalsites that give evidence of theexistence of man since the Old Stoneage up to the modern Stone Age. Theseplaces, located in the area of Ideles,are characterized by the proliferation

of funeral sites built in stone and ingravel treated on both sides. There arealso fragments of stones used in someindustries, hunting, farming and pottery, particularly in the region of Amekniand in other places.


Ahaggar….a star in themiddle of the Sahara

On site, the first sensation felt isthe inability to identify and describethings around us, what lead tothink that we are on another planet.Plains beyond description, plateausand places hard to get to, mysteriouscaves, unique mountains, finelysculptured rocks, oueds andsources generating water in abundance,golden dunes trying to embracethe purity of the sky, magnificentorchards. Hamadas, erougs,hundreds of plant categories withlively and blazing colors, subtleand delicious aromas released bygum trees, acacias and oleanders.A large variety of animals, gazelles,cheetahs, mouflons ,lizards ,fennecfoxes, camels, reptiles, birds and fishes.One only has to show a spiritof inquiry to discover all this withan experienced and professionaltravel guide.